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  • Expressions_IssueII_2013_thumb

    NEB Expressions, Summer 2013

    In this issue of NEB Expressions, learn how NEB is working to address the challenges in microbiome DNA analysis. Other topics include: using CutSmart® Buffer, gene assembly with the Electra Vector System, and the PCR Troubleshooting Guide.
  • Expressions_IssueIII_2013_thumb

    NEB Expressions, Fall 2013

    In this “Special Cloning Edition” of NEB Expressions, get a review of molecular biology’s past, present, and future. Other topics include: a comprehensive cloning workflow comparison and hints for getting started with molecular cloning.
  • Expressions_IssueI_2013_thumb

    NEB Expressions, Spring 2013

    In this issue of NEB Expressions, learn a bit about the history and future of restriction enzymes. Other topics include: CutSmart® Buffer for restriction enzymes, Q5® Site-Directed Mutagenesis Kit, and the cDNA Synthesis Selection Chart.
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