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  • Expressions_IssueIII_2016

    NEB Expressions, Issue III 2016

    This edition of NEB expressions addresses the importance of ligase fidelity, and introduces HiFi Taq Ligase for applications requiring high fidelity ligation. Also, find new products for isothermal amplification, tools to support genome editing workflows, and reasons to switch to our Monarch Nucleic Acid purification kits.
  • II 2016

    NEB Expressions, Issue II 2016

    This edition of NEB expressions address advances in glycomics, and introduces products available from NEB to support this area of research. Other highlights include the Passion in Science Awards and the first Genes in Space competition. Lastly, we introduce NEBNext Direct™, a unique hybridization-based target enrichment technology for high sensitivity variant calling.
  • Expression I 2016

    NEB Expressions, Issue I 2016

    In this issue of NEB expressions, find ways to make your laboratory more “green”, and hear about some initiatives going on at NEB. Also, learn more about NEB products, including our environmentally-friendly Monarch Nucleic Acid Purification Kits, and products to facilitate your cloning, such as NEBuilder HiFi DNA Assembly, competent cells, and our Blunt/TA Ligase Master Mix.
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