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  • Expressions_IssueIII_2015

    NEB Expressions, Issue III 2015

    This edition of NEB expressions discusses the importance of library quantitation for next gen sequencing, and introduces the NEBNext Library Quant Kit for this technique. The NEBNext Ultra II DNA Library Preparation Kit is also introduced, which delivers high quality libraries with minimal input. Lastly, new techniques and products for isothermal amplification are discussed.
  • Expressions_IssueI_2015

    NEB Expressions, Issue I 2015

    In this issue of NEB Expressions, discover the new world of synthetic biology and the traits it has borrowed from its older siblings, molecular biology and engineering. Other topics include: Golden Gate Assembly, NEBuilder® HiFi DNA Assembly, the Passion in Science Awards™ and Rapid PNGase F.
  • Expressions_IssueII_2015

    NEB Expressions, Issue II 2015

    In this issue of NEB Expressions, discover the key considerations for functional mRNA synthesis. Other topics include: HiScribe™ ARCA mRNA Synthesis Kits, Genome Editing, NEBuilder® for sgRNA-Cas9 vector construction and the NEBNext® Library Quant Kit.
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