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  • Expressions_IssueI_2017

    NEB Expressions, Issue I 2017

    This edition of NEB expressions introduces a unique, high-throughput data analysis method for qPCR, and discusses how this method was used to optimize our new Luna® qPCR and RT-qPCR product portfolio. Also, learn more about products for DNA assembly, including NEBuilder® HiFi and the NEB Golden Gate Master Mix, and see how NEBuilder HiFi compares to In-Fusion® HD. Lastly, meet our 2016 Passion in Science Awards® winners.
  • Expressions_IssueIII_2017

    NEB Expressions, Issue III 2017

    This edition of NEB expressions discusses the various fragmentation strategies available for NGS library prep, and introduces the NEBNext Ultra II FS DNA Library Prep Kit with a novel fragmentation system. Also, learn more about our new CRISPR/Cas9 nucleases and Quick-Load® purple DNA ladders. Find tips for plasmid minipreps, and how Exo V can be used to eliminate residual genomic DNA from your prep. Lastly, read about the importance of glycosidase quality for clinical applications, and see the list of PNGase F products available from NEB.
  • Expressions_IssueII_2017

    NEB Expressions, Issue II 2017

    This edition of NEB expressions examines the challenges associated with various target enrichment technologies, and highlights the advantages of NEBNext Direct® as a solution. Also, learn more about the NEBNext Direct BRCA1/2 Panel, and the new NEBNext® Ultra™ II Kits for RNA Library Preparation. Lastly, find out why you should choose NEB competent cells for your cloning experiments, and how to get the best results possible for your gel extraction.
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