How to Amplify GC-rich DNA

Looking for tips on dealing with GC-bias in DNA amplification? NEB scientists have the expertise you need!


Amplification of GC-rich DNA targets can be difficult for most traditional polymerases. For standard PCR needs, OneTaq DNA polymerase was developed with both standard and GC buffers to provide high yield and specificity from AT-rich through to moderately GC-rich targets.

For particularly difficult amplicons, up to 80% GC, the OneTaq High GC enhancer should be added to the GC buffer. As with most GC enhancers, this component is not recommended on AT rich targets.

Q5 provides robust GC coverage with ultra low error rates and high processivity to set a new benchmark in high-fidelity amplification.

Both OneTaq and Q5 polymerases are also available as hot start enzymes. NEB's unique aptamer based hot start polymerases offer convenient room temperature reaction set up and unlike other hot start methods, they don't require a specific activation step.

At NEB, we have performed tens of thousands of PCR experiments, optimizing our polymerases, so you don't have to.

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