Cloning Competent Cell Transformation Selection Chart

NEB's competent cells include several popular strains for cloning. Our cloning strains include derivatives of the industry standards, DH5⍺™ and DH10β™. NEB Turbo is unique to NEB and allows colony growth after 6.5 hours. NEB's dam-/dcm-strain enables Dam and Dcm methylation-free plasmid growth. NEB Stable is recommended in all difficult cloning experiments. Our cells are all extensively tested for phage resistance, antibiotic resistance and sensitivity, blue/white screening and transformation efficiency. High efficiency, 5 minute transformation and electroportation protocols are provided, when applicable.

Features Versatile        
Fast growth
(< 8 hours)
Toxic gene cloning  

Large plasmid/BAC cloning          
Dam/Dcm free plasmid growth          
vector cloning
 Formats Chemically Competent
96-well plate          
384-well plate  
8-tube strips