Universal miRNA Cloning Linker

  • This 5´ adenylated, 3´ blocked oligodeoxynucleotide can be used for cloning short RNAs according to the procedure of Bartel (1).
  • RNA ligase recognizes the "activated" adenylated oligo and covalently ligates its 5´ end to the 3´ OH of a second single stranded sequence in the absence of ATP.
  • In a mixture of nucleic acids use of the 5´ adenylated, 3´ blocked oligo with RNA ligase (w/o ATP) results in ligation of the target oligo only.
  • Sequence: 5′ rAppCTGTAGGCACCATCAAT–NH2 3′
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S1315S Not Applicable 5 µg
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