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Isothermal Amplification & Strand Displacement

NEB offers a selection of products for isothermal amplification and strand displacement.

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Isothermal Amplification & Strand Displacement

Bst 2.0 DNA Polymerase

Bst 2.0 WarmStart® DNA Polymerase

Bst 3.0 DNA Polymerase

Bst DNA Polymerase, Full Length

Bst DNA Polymerase, Large Fragment

IsoAmp® II Universal tHDA Kit

Isothermal Amplification Buffer II Pack

Isothermal Amplification Buffer Pack

Klenow Fragment (3'→5' exo-)

phi29 DNA Polymerase

SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Colorimetric LAMP Assay Kit

WarmStart® Colorimetric LAMP 2X Master Mix (DNA & RNA)

WarmStart® Colorimetric LAMP 2X Master Mix with UDG

WarmStart® LAMP Kit (DNA & RNA)