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Unstained Protein Standard, Broad Range (10-200 kDa)

This product is a direct replacement of NEB# P7704 (Unstained Protein Standard, Broad Range 10-200 kDa).

The Unstained Protein Standard, Broad Range is a mixture of highly pure, recombinant proteins that resolves into 13 sharp bands from 10-200 kDa when electrophoresed and stained with Coomassie Brilliant Blue R-250 or other commercially available, ready-to-use protein stains. 

  • Allows accurate molecular weight determination when performing SDS-PAGE analysis.
  • Direct loading, additional loading buffer and heat incubation not required
  • Recombinant proteins with no detectable protease contaminating activities
  • Optimal stability for up to 24 months



Catalog # Concentration Size
P7717S Not Applicable 150 gel lanes
P7717L Not Applicable 750 gel lanes
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