ColorPlus™ Prestained Protein Ladder, Broad Range (10-230 kDa)

This product is replaced by P7712.

  • Catalog # P7711 was discontinued on June 13, 2014
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    ColorPlus™ Prestained Protein Ladder, Broad Range (10-230 kDa) is a mixture of highly purified recombinant proteins covalently coupled to a blue dye that resolves into 12 sharp bands when electrophoresed. The protein concentrations are carefully balanced for even intensity. Both the orange 80 kDa and the green 25 kDa bands serve as the reference indicators. The covalent coupling of the dye to the proteins affects their electrophoretic behavior on SDS-PAGE gels relative to unstained proteins (1). The apparent molecular weights of the ColorPlus Prestained Protein Ladder bands were determined on Invitrogen Novex 10–20% Tris-glycine SDS-PAGE gels (1,2) by comparison to the Protein Ladder (NEB #P7703). The ColorPlus Prestained Protein Ladder is ideally suited for use in SDS-PAGE and western blotting applications. It allows continuous monitoring of protein separations during electrophoresis and also provides a quick and easy way to assess blotting efficiency (3).

    The ColorPlus Prestained Protein Ladder is designed for use with Tris-glycine gels.

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