p-Nitrophenyl Phosphate (PNPP)

p-Nitrophenyl Phosphate (PNPP) is a non-proteinaceous, non-specific substrate used to assay protein, alkaline and acid phosphatases.

  • Can be used for quick analysis of the protein phosphatase activity under any conditions 
  • Advantageous to a radioactive assay because the substrate concentration can be much higher than the Km
  • Activity is measured using a continuous or single-point spectrophotometric assay based on the ability of phosphatases to catalyze the hydrolysis of PNPP to p-nitrophenol, a chromogenic product that absorbs maximally at 405 nm
Catalog # Concentration Size
P0757S 500 mM 1 ml
P0757L 500 mM 5 ml
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