Nucleic Acid Purification

Biological workflows for detecting, analyzing, amplifying or manipulating DNA and RNA often require extraction and purification from a biological sample and/or enzymatic reactions. Monarch nucleic acid purification kits provide fast and reliable purification of high quality DNA and RNA from a variety of sources using best-in-class silica column technology. DNA and RNA purified with Monarch Kits is highly-pure and suitable for use in a wide variety of downstream applications including sequencing, cloning, and enzymatic manipulations. Available for genomic DNA and total RNA extraction, DNA & RNA cleanup, plasmid minipreps, and gel extraction, Monarch kits are all designed with sustainability in mind; they use less plastic and are packaged in responsibly-sourced, recyclable material.



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Nucleic Acid Purification includes these subcategories:
DNA Cleanup
DNA Gel Extraction
Genomic DNA Extraction & Purification
Plasmid Purification
RNA Cleanup
Total RNA Extraction & Purification
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