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Targeted Enrichment

Target enrichment methods selectively isolate specific genomic regions of interest prior to next generation sequencing and are ideal for the discovery and identification of nucleic acid variants with high sensitivity for translational research.

NEBNext Direct® is a novel, hybridization-based capture method offering significant advantages over traditional in-solution hybridization and multiplex PCR protocols. The NEBNext Direct libraries include unique molecular identifiers (UMI) and a sample barcode. Sequence-ready libraries are generated within one day and the procedure is compatible with automation.

For standard target enrichment workflows, the NEBNext Ultra II DNA kit offers a superior library preparation solution.

  • With NEBNext Direct Custom Ready Panels, quickly create a custom panel by selecting only the targets you need from our expansive list of genes
  • The NEBNext Genotyping Solution enables pre-capture pooling of up to 96 samples for cost-effective and scalable genotyping of up to 5,000 genomic markers.
  • The NEBNext Ultra™ II DNA Library Prep Kit (E7645S/L) produces high yield, high quality libraries and is compatible with standard target enrichment workflows such as SureSelect®.

Learn about the NEBNext Direct Genotyping Solution.

SureSelect® is a registered trademark of Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Nimblegen® is a registered trademark of Roche.

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  • Addressing Challenges in Microbiome DNA Analysis

    Microbiome sample analysis is commonly confounded by the presence of host-cell DNA in the sample. The NEBNext® Microbiome DNA Enrichment Kit enables enrichment of non-CpG-methylated DNA from samples contaminated with eukaryotic-cell DNA.

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