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NGS Sample Prep & Target Enrichment

Library preparation is a critical part of the next generation sequencing workflow; successful sequencing requires the generation of high quality libraries of sufficient yield and quality.

As sequencing technologies improve and capacities expand, boundaries are also being pushed on sample preparation. High performance is required from ever-decreasing input quantities and from samples of lower quality. At the same time, the need is increasing for faster, automatable protocols that perform reliably and do not compromise the quality of the libraries produced.

To meet these growing challenges, the NEBNext suite of products continues to evolve to support next generation sequencing with sample preparation tools that streamline workflows, minimize inputs, and improve library yields and quality.

NEBNext reagents are available for sample preparation for Illumina®, IonTorrent®, and Oxford Nanopore Technologies® (ONT) sequencing platforms. Products are in user-friendly formats including kits and modules, with bulk or customized formats also available. Adaptors and primers are available separately, for maximized flexibility. Use of NEBNext products has been cited in over 11,000 publications.
  • DNA Library Prep – NEBNext DNA library prep kits utilize fast, streamlined workflows and novel reagents that have been designed for performance. Sample prep kits are available for a broad range of input amounts, from pg to μg of DNA.
  • FFPE DNA – NEBNext offers two options to addresses the challenges of FFPE DNA: repair of DNA damage caused by FFPE treatment and high-efficiency library prep.
  • Multiplex Oligos (Adaptors & Primers) – NEBNext Multiplex Oligos are a selection of index primers and index adaptors in a variety of configurations for maximal flexibility in the library prep workflow.
  • ChIP-Seq Library Prep – The low input amounts typical of ChIP-Seq library prep are compatible with NEBNext high-efficiency, streamlined workflows.
  • RNA Library Prep – NEBNext products are available for directional and non-directional RNA library prep with novel reagents and streamlined workflows, designed for high quality library generation even from low nanogram quantities of RNA. High-performance rRNA depletion and mRNA enrichment products are also available.
  • Target Enrichment – The novel NEBNext Direct® technology uses a unique approach to hybridization-based target enrichment, and generates high quality libraries in a single day. NEBNext library prep kits are compatible with standard target enrichment protocols.
  • Microbiome DNA Enrichment – NEBNext products enable separation of microbiome DNA from contaminating host DNA, as well as DNA library preparation from low input amounts.
  • Library Quantitation – The NEBNext qPCR-based Library Quant Kit enables accurate and reproducible quantitation of Illumina libraries, with a user-friendly workflow.
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ChIP-seq Library Prep
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Library Quantitation
Microbiome DNA Enrichment
RNA Library Prep
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  • Excellent performance – NEBNext continues to raise the bar on construction of high quality libraries from ever-decreasing input quantities, with a focus on high yields, high library diversity and minimized bias.
  • Quality you can rely on – In addition to the extensive QCs performed on individual kit components, all NEBNext kits are functionally validated by preparation of a library, followed by sequencing. Use of NEBNext products has been cited in over 1,000 publications.
  • Ease of use – NEBNext kits employ streamlined workflows, with minimized hands-on times and simple to follow protocols.
  • Convenient product formats
    • NEBNext Kits include reagents for the entire library preparation workflow.
    • Modules provide reagents for individual steps in a workflow and can be combined to cover an entire library prep workflow, or can be used in conjunction with other reagents to enable a customized workflow for your specific needs.
    • Adaptors and primers are supplied separately from the NEBNext kits (as NEBNext Oligos modules), allowing for increased flexibility.
    • SPRIselect® beads are provided as an optional component of our latest NEBNext Ultra™ II DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina.
  • Wide range of sample types and applications – NEBNext products are available for DNA, RNA, Small RNA, ChIP DNA, FFPE DNA and Microbiome DNA, for steps throughout the sample preparation workflow, from upstream enrichment to final library quantitation.
  • Value pricing
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