MidRange PFG Marker

  • Suitable for pulsed field gel electrophoresis
  • Size range: 15–291 kb
  • Embedded in 1% Low Melting Point (LMP) agarose
  • Supplied in a GelSyringe™ dispenser
  • Suitable for 50 gel lanes
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Catalog # Concentration Size
N0342S 50 µg/ml 0.05 ml
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  • Product Information
    MidRange PFG Marker consists of concatemers of λ DNA isolated from the bacteriophage λ (cI857 ind1 Sam7) mixed with XhoI digested λ DNA embedded in 1% LMP agarose and supplied in a GelSyringe™ dispenser. XhoI produces fragments of 15.0 and 33.5 kb. These fragments anneal to and form concatemers with intact λ DNA. It is designed for use as a size marker for pulsed field gel electrophoresis (PFG). Size range: 15-291 kb.

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