EnGen® Sau Cas9
recombinant neb31 37 65 Heat

EnGen® Sau Cas9 is a programmable DNA endonuclease guided by a single guide RNA (gRNA).  Targeting requires gRNA complementarity to the target site as well as a 5′NNGRRT protospacer adjacent motif (PAM) on the DNA strand opposite the target sequence.  Cleavage by EnGen® Sau Cas9 occurs ~3 bases upstream of the PAM and leaves blunt ends.

  • Longer 5′ NNGRRT 3′ PAM sequence allows for higher specificity
  • Two nuclear localization signals for improved transport into the nucleus
  • High concentration liquid format option can be used for microinjection, electroporation and lipofection
  • Compatible with the EnGen® Mutation Detection Kit
  • Need guide RNA? NEB recommends the Horizon™ CRISPR Design Tool for designing and ordering synthetic guide RNA for EnGen Sau Cas9
Catalog # Concentration Size
M0654S 1 µM 70 pmol
M0654T 20 µM 400 pmol
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