EnGen® Lba Cas12a (Cpf1)
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We are excited to announce that we are in the process of switching all reaction buffers to be BSA-free. Beginning April 2021, we will be gradually transitioning to buffers containing Recombinant Albumin (rAlbumin) for restriction enzymes and some DNA modifying enzymes. All information on the website has been updated to reflect this change. Find more details at www.neb.com/BSA-free.

Catalog #M0653

EnGen Lba Cas12a (Cpf1) is a programmable DNA endonuclease guided by a single guide RNA (gRNA). Targeting requires a gRNA complementary to the target site as well as a 5' TTTV protospacer adjacent motif (PAM) on the DNA strand opposite the target sequence. Cleavage by EnGen Lba Cas12a (Cpf1) occurs ~17 bases 3' of the PAM and leaves 5' overhanging ends.

  • T-rich TTTV PAM sequence opens up additional genomic regions for targeting
  • Shorter, 40-44 base guide RNA
  • Two nuclear localization signals for improved transport to the nucleus
  • 5’ overhanging termini on cleavage products
  • Active from 16 to 48°C
  • Maintains activity at lower temperatures than the Acidaminococcus orthologs, permitting editing in ectothermic organisms such as zebra fish and xenopus
  • High concentration liquid format can be used for microinjection, electroporation and lipofection.
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