Hi-T7® RNA Polymerase (High Concentration)

Hi-T7 RNA Polymerase is designed for in vitro transcription of RNA at higher temperatures.

  • Active from 37-56°C, optimal incubation temperature is 50-52°C.
  • In vitro transcription using T7 phage promoter
  • High concentration version of Hi-T7 RNA Polymerase (NEB #M0658)
  • Increased co-transcriptional capping efficiency with cap analogs
  • Decreased immunogenicity from RNA synthesized at higher temperature due to reduced dsRNA by-product formation
  • Recommended for experienced users with knowledge of transcription optimization 
  • Hi-T7 RNA Polymerase Reaction buffer and magnesium chloride included
Catalog # Concentration Size
M0470T 1,000,000 units/ml 50,000 units
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