Salt-T4® DNA Ligase
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  • Salt-T4 DNA Ligase is an engineered variant of T4 DNA Ligase with improved salt tolerance 
  • Capable of joining blunt end and cohesive end termini, as well as repairing single stranded nicks in duplex DNA and some DNA/RNA hybrids (1).
  • Salt-T4 DNA Ligase seals nicks for these DNA substrates.
  • Supplied with both T4 DNA Ligase Buffer and StickTogether™ DNA Ligase Buffer.
  • Not sure which ligase to choose? Refer to our DNA and RNA Ligase Properties Chart.
Catalog # Concentration Size
M0467S 400,000 units/ml 20,000 units
M0467L 400,000 units/ml 100,000 units
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