RtcB Ligase
cloned at NEB recombinant NEBU 37

  • This is an Enzyme for Innovation (EFI). EFI is a project initiated by NEB to provide unique enzymes to the scientific community in the hopes of enabling the discovery of new and innovative applications. These enzymes have interesting properties and unique specificities.
  • RtcB Ligase from E. coli joins single stranded RNA with a 3´-phosphate or 2´,3´-cyclic phosphate to another RNA with a 5´ -hydroxyl (1,2).
  • Ligation requires both GTP and MnCl2 and proceeds through a 3´-guanylate intermediate (3).
  • For substrates with a 2´,3´-cyclic phosphate end, hydrolysis to a 3´-phosphate precedes 3´ end activation with GMP and ligation.
Catalog # Concentration Size
M0458S 15 µM 25 reactions
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