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Apyrase (recombinant, E. coli) is a highly active ATP-diphosphohydrolase that catalyzes the sequential hydrolysis of ATP to ADP and ADP to AMP releasing inorganic phosphate

  • Enzyme of highest purity, efficiency and quality 
  • Tested in updated range of more stringent quality controls
  • Supplied at 10-fold higher concentration in the optimized storage buffer
  • Supplied with new optimal reaction buffer
  • Provided with updated, detailed characterization
  • Discovered and characterized new function: the ability to convert 5’ triphosphorylated RNA to monophosphorylated form, which can be ligated or removed by 5’ exonuclease
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Catalog # Concentration Size
M0398S 500 units/ml 10 units
M0398L 500 units/ml 50 units
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