Antarctic Thermolabile UDG
NEBU cloned at NEB recombinant 37 50 Heat

  • Uracil DNA glycosylase
  • Monofunctional DNA glycosylase that catalyzes the hydrolysis of the N-glycosidic bond from deoxyuridine to release uracil
  • Active on ss and dsDNA
  • Can be completely inactivated at temperatures above 50°C
  • Component of Thermolabile User II Enzyme (NEB #M5508)
  • Helps to prevent carryover contamination in LAMP (NEB #M1804, NEB #M1708) and qPCR-related technologies (Luna® Probe One-Step RT-qPCR 4X Mix with UDG (NEB  #M3019))
Catalog # Concentration Size
M0372S 1,000 units/ml 100 units
M0372L 1,000 units/ml 500 units
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