Anti-M13 pIII Monoclonal Antibody

Anti-M13 pIII Monoclonal Antibody (mouse isotype IgG2a) is derived from BALB/c mice immunized with the C-terminal half of M13 coat protein III (residues 259-406). Monoclonal anti-M13 pIII recognizes non-reduced and denatured reduced forms of wild type pIII or pIII fusions in immunoblotting and ELISA. ELISA assay against whole M13 phage is not recommended as the epitope lies in a region not accessible on intact M13 phage virions.

  • Can be used to determine fusion protein expression levels both in E.coli and on the M13 virion by immunoblot analysis
  • Recommended dilution for Western blot: 1:1000
Catalog # Concentration Size
E8033S Not Applicable 0.1 ml
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