NEBNext® Small RNA Library Prep Set for Illumina® (Multiplex Compatible)

Note that index primers for multiplexing are not included in this kit. This means that libraries created with this kit cannot be pooled and run together. If index primers are required, kits NEB #E7300NEB #E7580 or NEB #E7560 should be ordered instead.

The unique workflow of the NEBNext® Small RNA library prep kits addresses the challenge of minimization of adaptor-dimers while achieving production of high-yield, diverse multiplex libraries in a simple protocol.
This version of the kit is intended for use with your barcode system, and please note that index primers for multiplexing are not included in this kit. 

  • Minimized adaptor-dimer contamination
  • High yields
  • Input RNA can be Total RNA
  • Suitable for methylated small RNAs (e.g., piRNAs) as well as unmethylated small RNAs
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Catalog # Concentration Size
E7330S Not Applicable 24 reactions
E7330L Not Applicable 96 reactions
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