PURExpress® In Vitro Protein Synthesis Kit

PURExpress® is a reconstituted protein synthesis system based on the PUREsystem™ (Shimizu et al., 2001) where all necessary components needed for in vitro transcription and translation are purified from E. coli.

  • Defined system with all his-tagged proteins for coupled transcription/translation; Ribosome is not his-tagged
  • Minimal nuclease and protease activity
  • Protein of interest can be synthesized and visualized in a few hours
  • Simple protocol and easy setup with Solutions A and B
  • Templates can be either plasmid DNA, linear DNA or mRNA
  • Synthesized protein can be co-translationally radiolabeled or fluorescently labeled
  • Protein can be reverse-purified or subject to direct functional analysis
  • Applications include high throughput screening/directed evolution, synthetic biology, toxic or difficult to express protein synthesis, studies on protein folding, activity and protein-protein interactions
  • Due to reconstituted nature several kits are offered where translation factors or macromolecules have been omitted to facilitate specific studies (see companion products)
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Catalog # Concentration Size
E6800S Not Applicable 10 reactions
E6800L Not Applicable 100 reactions
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