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NEBNext® Single Cell/Low Input cDNA Synthesis & Amplification Module

How low can you go?

NEBNext® is now available for single cell and ultra-low RNA inputs!

This unique cDNA synthesis and amplification workflow meets the demand for a highly sensitive, yet robust method that consistently ultimately enables generation of high quality sequencing data from single cell or ultra-low input RNA.

  • Generate the highest yields from single cells, or as little as 2 pg - 200 ng RNA
  • Experience unmatched detection of low abundance transcripts
  • Rely on consistent transcript detection for a wide range of input amounts and sample types
  • Observe uniform transcript coverage, regardless of input amount or sample type
  • Use with a variety of RNA inputs, including cultured or primary cells, or total RNA
  • Save time with a fast, streamlined workflow, minimal handling steps and hands-on time

Please note that this module contains only reagents for cDNA synthesis and amplification. The NEBNext Single Cell/Low Input RNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina® (NEB #E6420) includes reagents for DNA library construction.

Catalog # Concentration Size
E6421S Not Applicable 24 reactions
E6421L Not Applicable 96 reactions
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