LunaScript® RT SuperMix Kit

The LunaScript® RT SuperMix Kit is optimized for cDNA synthesis in a two-step RT-qPCR workflow.

Make a simpler choice
  • Single-tube SuperMix contains random hexamer and oligo-dT primers, dNTPs, Murine RNase Inhibitor, and Luna® Reverse Transcriptase 
  • Non-interfering, visible tracking dye helps to eliminate pipetting errors
  • Combine with Luna qPCR master mixes for robust RT-qPCR results
Experience best-in-class performance
  • Less than 15 minute first-strand cDNA synthesis protocol
  • All Luna products have undergone rigorous testing to optimize specificity, sensitivity, accuracy and reproducibility
  • A comprehensive evaluation of commercially-available qPCR and RT-qPCR reagents demonstrates superior performance of Luna products
Illuminate your two-step RT-qPCR
  • Novel, thermostable Luna Reverse Transcriptase improves performance 
  • Consistent linearity, sensitivity, and capacity for reliable RNA quantification
Catalog # Concentration Size
E3010S Not Applicable 25 reactions
E3010L Not Applicable 100 reactions
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