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    The PicoPLEX WGA Kit, developed and manufactured by Rubicon Genomics, Inc., efficiently amplifies total DNA from single cells or their DNA equivalent about 1 million-fold to produce 2–5 micrograms of amplified DNA in under 3 hours. The kit can also be used successfully in situations where the low input amount is uncertain as it works well over a range of inputs up to thousands of cells or several ng DNA to achieve this final yield of amplified DNA. Both AT- and GC-rich regions are represented reproducibly using this kit. With single blastomere and polar bodies, the kit is able to achieve 95% amplification success rate. The kit performs reproducibly and generates greater than 90% correlation coefficients for qPCR Ct data from replicate single-cell reactions. This method features single-copy sensitivity as well as high specificity with an expected 5 PCR cycle delay between experimental samples and non-template negative controls. The PicoPLEX WGA Kit produces amplified DNA fragments suitable for Copy Number Variation (CNV) analysis using oligonucleotide aCGH or qPCR; SNP genotyping, mutation detection and sequencing.

    Figure 1:Figure 1:

    Example of Background Subtracted RFU amplification curves for replicate single-cell and control no cell WGA reactions that were monitored on a Bio-Rad I Cycler iQ. Data provided by Rubicon Genomics, Inc.
    Figure 2:Figure 2:

    Workflow overview for a single cell or 15 pg-15 ng DNA (for detailed instructions please refer to protocols)
    Figure 3: Figure 3:
    Gel image of reaction products.
    The size range of amplified product from a sorted single cell or 15 pg DNA (diluted human genomic DNA equivalent to two diploid human cells). 10 μl of 75 μl reactions were analyzed by 1.4% agarose gel electrophoresis: Lane 1: no cell/DNA negative control, Lanes 2 and 3: independent reactions using 15 pg human genomic DNA. Note: The appearance of amplified product will be identical whether the starting material is a single cell or this amount of DNA. Marker M is 1 μg 2-Log DNA Ladder (NEB #N3200 ). 
    Kit Components:   #E2620S  #E2620L 
    Cell Extraction Buffer 0.1 ml  0.3 ml 
    Extraction Enzyme Dilution Buffer 0.1 ml  0.3 ml 
    Cell Extraction Enzyme 0.005 ml  0.015 ml 
    Pre-Amp Reaction Mix  0.1 ml  0.275 ml 
    Pre-Amp Enzyme 0.005 ml  0.015 ml 
    Amplification Reaction Mix 0.35 ml  1.4 ml 
    Amplification Enzyme  0.012 ml  0.05 ml 
    Nuclease-Free Water 1.8 ml  1.8 ml 
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