NEB® Golden Gate Assembly Kit (BsaI-HF®v2)

Learn about Ligase Fidelity and Push the Limits of Golden Gate Assembly (20+ fragments)
  • Updated to include BsaI-HFv2 (optimized for Golden Gate)
  • Seamless cloning – no scar remains following assembly
  • Includes destination plasmid with T7/SP6 promoters
  • Ordered assembly of multiple fragments (2-20+) in a single reaction
  • Can also be used for cloning of single inserts and library preparations
  • Efficient with regions with high GC content and areas of repeats
  • Compatible with a broad range of fragment sizes (< 100 bp to > 15 kb)
  • Free tool available at
  • Free Ligase Fidelity Viewer to determine mismatch ligation with 4-bp overhangs
Catalog # Concentration Size
E1601S Not Applicable 20 reactions
E1601L Not Applicable 100 reactions
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