NEB® 5-alpha Competent E. coli (High Efficiency)

NEB 5-alpha Competent E. coli is a derivative of the popular DH5α. It is T1 phage resistant and endA deficient for high-quality plasmid preparations. 

  • High efficiency strain ideal for a wide variety of applications
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes, including single-use vials, 200 μl vials, 96- and 384- well plate and 12 x 8 tube strips
  • No dry ice surcharge on competent cell shipments
  • Outgrowth medium included
  • Free of animal products
Catalog # Concentration Size
C2987H Not Applicable 20 x 0.05 ml
C2987I Not Applicable 6 x 0.2 ml
C2987P Not Applicable 1 96-well plate (20 μl/well)
C2987R Not Applicable 1 384-well plate (10 μl/well)
C2987U Not Applicable 96 x 0.05 ml (12 8-well strip)
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