Sample Preparation for Next Generation Sequencing


As sequencing technologies improve and applications expand, the need for compatibility with ever-decreasing input amounts and sub-optimal sample quality grows. Scientists must balance reliability and performance with faster turnaround, higher throughput and automation compatibility.

For 10 years, NEB has addressed these challenges by offering solutions that streamline sample prep workflows, minimize inputs and improve library yield and quality. The NEBNext portfolio includes solutions for DNA and RNA sample prep from a wide range of sample types.

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Benefits of NEBNext®

  • A broad selection of kits for sample preparation of DNA, ChIP DNA, and RNA, including single cell and small RNA
  • Optimized formulations for reduced workflow times and ever-decreasing input amounts
  • Extensive quality controls and functional validation for all kits
  • Multiple workflow formats for maximum convenience and flexibility
  • Best-in-class technical support from NEB scientists and staff
  • A proven track record, with mention in over 5,000 publications to-date
  1. EMseqWorkflow_Animation_Thumb_720

    NEBNext® Enzymatic Methyl-seq Workflow

    A workflow animation for an enzyme-based method for detection of 5mC and 5hmC, an alternative to bisulfite sequencing.

  2. NEBNextUltra2DirectionalRNA_720

    NEBNext Ultra II Directional RNA Workflow

    Learn more about the streamlined workflow for the NEBNext Ultra II Directional RNA Library Prep Kit.

  3. Size Selection and Cleanup with NEBNext Ultra

    Size Selection and Cleanup with NEBNext Ultra II and SPRI beads

    This video walks you through the size selection and cleanup steps using the NEBNext Ultra II DNA

  4. NEBNextVideo_OptimizingDNAInput_thumb

    Tips for Optimizing DNA Inputs in NGS Library Construction

    Optimizing DNA inputs for NGS library prep is an important step, if you want to ensure a high-quality library. Start by following these tips for DNA quantification and assessing purity.

Select your application

  • DNA Library Prep – Fast, streamlined workflows and novel reagents for a broad range of input amounts
  • FFPE DNA – Repair DNA damage caused by FFPE treatment, and perform high-efficiency library prep
  • ChIP-Seq Library Prep – High-efficiency, streamlined workflows for low input amounts of DNA
  • RNA Library Prep – Novel reagents and streamlined workflows for directional and non-directional RNA, depletion of abundant RNAs (rRNA and mRNA), mRNA enrichment, and single cells
  • Target Enrichment – High-quality library generation in a single day with the unique hybridization-based NEBNext Direct® technology
  • Microbiome DNA Enrichment – Separation of microbiome DNA from contaminating host DNA from low input amounts
  • Library Quantitation – Accurate and reproducible quantitation of Illumina libraries, with a user-friendly workflow



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