FAQ: Does NEB offer any BSA-free and/or animal origin-free restriction enzymes for linearization of plasmids for mRNA vaccine development?

Yes, NEB has formulated some restriction enzymes (including BspQI, an SapI isoschizomer) without animal-derived components and no BSA appears in their final formulation. In addition, we have several restriction enzymes available without BSA nor other animal-derived components in their final formulation. This list includes:

  • BbsI-HF
  • BsaI-HFv2
  • BspQI
  • ClaI
  • HindIII-HF
  • PacI
  • SapI
  • SpeI
  • SwaI
  • XbaI
  • XhoI
  • XmnI

Other enzymes can be formulated upon request. Please inquire at customizedsolutions@neb.com.