FAQ: Can NEB provide IVT components in bulk?

New England Biolabs® is the only life science supplier able to provide the complete set of reagents necessary for the synthesis of high-quality mRNA, and the capability to supply them at any scale. Benefit from over 40 years of experience in the development and manufacture of enzymes and reagents, and our uniquely collaborative work ethic. Manufactured in an ISO 13485-compliant facility, or, starting in 2018, our new GMP facility, NEB reagents can be provided in any scale and packaging format, with custom quality controls and flexible delivery schedules to suit your needs. Scale and format range from lab-sized in vitro transcription kits, for synthesis of up to 180 μg of RNA per reaction, to bulk enzymes and reagents for large-scale RNA manufacturing. Our Research & Development team shares your commitment to the advancement of RNA science, and is ready to serve your RNA synthesis needs.