FAQ: What products does NEB offer for functional genomics and reverse genetics?

The wealth of information produced by the genomics effort has provided science with many questions concerning the expresssion and function of individual as well as groups of genes. Exploring the complexities of the "transcriptome" necessitates the development of innovative methods and tools. With the expansion of RNAi technologies into mammalian systems, the ability to perform functional genomics and reverse genetics is more accessible than ever. NEB is committed to developing new tools to help scientists with these challenges.

TransPass™ Transfection Reagents enable efficient transfer of siRNA or DNA into cells in culture.

ProtoScript™ Kits are available for cDNA synthesis and RT-PCR, offering a choice of enzymes for reverse transcription and applificaton.

HiScribe™ RNAi Transcription is a high efficiency double-stranded RNA synthesis kit suitable for RNA interference (RNAi) experiments and other applications requiring synthetic RNA..