Managing fulfillment through our Packaging and Inspection Team

Our dedicated Packaging Team ensures that your custom product is built in accordance to your needs, and the packaged product meets your expectations. They can also work with you to coordinate delivery, and manage distribution globally.



John Leontakianakos

Packaging Supervisor

John has been with NEB since 2011, and has held positions in our Shipping and Packaging departments, prior to taking on his current role as OEM Packaging Supervisor. John’s strict attention to detail ensures that your custom product will be packaged quickly and according to your requirements. John is an active participant in many of the community activities available at NEB. Outside of work, John organizes a Make a Wish charity event twice a year, and enjoys boating and coaching youth sports.

Meg Stickney

Packaging Technician

Meg has been an employee at NEB since 2015. Previously, she served as a summer intern before taking on her current role as a Packaging Technician. Meg focuses on preparation and filling of custom products and orders. Outside of work, Meg enjoys spending time with her children, mountain biking, spending time outdoors, home improvement projects, watching the Red Sox, and eating ice cream!

Gary Whelpley

Packaging Technician

Gary started at NEB in 2019 as a Packaging Technician, and is responsible for processing orders, accessing quality documentation and packaging of custom product requests. Gary also enjoys participating on the NEB Kickball Team. When not at work, Gary practices Goju-ryu Karate, enjoys playing video games with friends and is a supporter of local businesses.


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