Flexible product design with our Technical Project Managers

Our Technical Project Managers have a full understanding of the infrastructure within NEB, and can quickly establish a cross-functional planning team designed to optimize and quickly bring your product to market. They have extensive project management experience and share a common goal – driving your project forward.



John Pezza

Associate Director of Project Management

John has been with NEB since 2012, firstly as a Development Scientist III, then in Applications & Product Development and now as the Associate Director of Project Management. John is involved in educational initiatives both at NEB, where he is an Education Committee member, and in the Ipswich Public Schools where he is involved in STEAM education. Other things that keep John busy are coaching baseball and beekeeping.

Polly Moulton

Project Manager

Polly has been with NEB since 2018. Prior to taking on her role as a Project Manager, she worked as a Data Management Specialist (SAP). In her current role, Polly supports customers with complex kitting inquiries as they relate to library preparation for next generation sequencing. By working across different business, technical and logistics functions, Polly ensures that custom products meet the requirements of each customer’s unique workflow and needs. Outside of NEB, Polly is entering her 9th year as a Destination Imagination team leader and enjoys spending time with family, jigsaw puzzles, travel, skiing and spending time outdoors.

Tony Soltis

Project Manager

Tony has worked at NEB since 1983, and has held positions in the OEM and Customized Solutions, Marketing and Production departments. Tony brings a good understanding of how these teams function, and is ideally suited to work across the different business channels to plan and manage customer-driven projects. Tony is actively involved in many of NEB’s community activities, including the Gym Committee, Soccer and the Bridge Club. In his spare time, Tony enjoys food/cooking, travel and sports.


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